We all know that air ducts and vents have an important role in any business, home or property. However, they can also carry dirt, dust and mold that can easily build up and spread and compromise the health of your HVAC system and your family.

If you do not pay attention to your air ducts and vents, there can be mold. In improperly maintained vents with insulation the moisture may start growing. The mold from moldy air ducts can be blown through the space. This creates an unpleasant smell and people can get sick.

If dust appears in the duct, vents, filters and around them it can clog them. Therefore, the airflow will be reduced and the effectiveness of air conditioning and heating will be diminished. Also, ducts can stop working if this happens for a longer period of time.  

Untreated air ducts are places where a lot of unwanted household pests can appear. Cockroaches, rats and mice will make the dusty and dirty air ducts their home. Nobody, wants that, of course.